Kanebo Kate rough ex lipstick

Introducing my new lipstick favorite – its the  Kanebo Kate rough ex lipstick RD-13

I am really a fan of Kanebo products not to mention their ambassadors are mostly my favorite jdorama actress – one of them is Erika Sawajiri. And Kanebo Kate cosmetics is very eye catching on all watsons stores nationwide because of their mini telivsion and their commericals loops.

 Trying Kanebo Kate rough ex lipstick RD-13

The texture is pigmented and is moisturized.

The color is more beige and based on skin color it, the color looks slightly natural to me and ideally perfect to my favorite look – black eyeliner and big eyes contact lens.

 Rating: 9/10

Kate Lipstick: I should say not bad to those who have dry lips and wanted to achieve slightly natural red lips.


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