My Valentines Day Story

This is not a true story!

Okay my story begins on me (picture above). So happy to meet my Prince Charming and on my way to Theme Park (I prefer theme park than  expensive restaurant for my story here). So while on my way, Let’s rewind first on how I get that Look (Yeah! I know Michelle Phan style but in a blog post way teehee).

Me without makeup but I already applied Base, Foundation(Revlon Photo Ready), Mineral Powder(Kate) and I already did the contouring of my nose and eyebrow. And I will use my Urban Decay Naked Palette that my sister gave me last Christmas for my eyes. As a non-professional/expert in eye makeup especially in blending I decided to play with it since the palette is easy to use. Background Check: Practicing/Watching Tutorials on Youtube/No One Taught me How or Even attended makeup session. :)

I used 4 colors I forgot already but it’s according to what I love :) Then after the eye makeup I lined my eye using black liquid eyeliner to make my eyes look bigger at the same time give more emphasis.

Then after that I curled my lashes for a dimmer effect and black mascara to look thicker and longer.

Then for a darker but sutle effect, we must cheat (hahah so Michelle Phan) so I used Demi Lashes(half) so that it will looked natural.

Then I applied blush-on on my cheeks using Elizabeth Arden blush on shade, really wanted to apply bronzer to contour the shape of my face but well I just have to use my resources here at home.

Then I apply red lipstick for a glam look and curl my hair for a mature and more glamorous look. I didn’t curl all my hair cos it will looked like I will be going to a Prom but see how it goes:

and yes we’re back! and I am already in the Theme Park and looking for my Prince Charming but wait here he comes now holding something behind his back and yes surprisingly he gave me:

Flowers!!! So sweeeet and wait there’s more! Ohhh Myyyyy Gooooddd!!


and propose to me by saying: “Will You Marry Me” and I said “YES!”

and me soooo Happy! and They live happily ever after The End :)

How’s my story? Crap or Not? hehehehe…

Enjoy your Valentines Day with your love one :) and Stay in love forever :)

PS, My real Valentines Date with BF will be posted soon. We will be dating not on February 14 but you’ll know when.  :)



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