Yet another Japanese product? Yes your right! Lucido-L is a japanese brand for hair styling.

Did you know that in Japan it is a must that their  hair must beautiful before styling? Yes! that’s why as you can see their hair is so perfect and envied by every girls around the world and most of them are using Lucido L Hair Make Supplement.

and right now I will be reviewing to you the  Lucido L Hair Make Supplement Treatment Oil for Straight Hair.

It  has + CMC (Cell membrane complex)  in hair follicles which means:

In other words, just like our skin that needs hydration and by applying treatment oil everyday. By using this you might think that it will get your hair oily? but no! it will absorb to you hair and acts as water-keeping ability and that leads to beautiful hair.

So let’s try it! The packaging is in pretty in pink  container  and it’s like a pink big capsule and there’s no pouring needed you’ll just have to spray.

and after using it:

I Like how my hair got softer and it did smell good. I liked how my hair looked thinner cos I have a very bad thick hair + wavy :( but now it’s so amazing. It also penetrates dry, brittle and damage hair cuticles.

The only con about this product is that it’s too oily so better use ample amount and avoid applying it on your scalp. For a better result apply it by spreading it from top up to the end. It’s also long lasting so no need to re-apply it.

also you might wanna try:

Lucido-L Hair Treatment Water

if you like water based treatment and wanted your hair to get smoother after waking up try this!

Currently I use this  before going to bed. I love it because it’s water-based,  fragrance free, sometimes I don’t feel using the scented one.

And when I woke up, My hair is so soft and not wavy.

If you want to have a trendy hair? Worry no more Lucido-L is here :)

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