Domino’s Cheese Overload

Last Wednesday the last day of November 2011 I was one of the lucky blogger attend the Domino’s Pizza food-tasting session for their newly launched brand new Cheese Overload pizza at Domino’s Tampines organized by  yes! Why should I not rsvp? It’s near to my workplace and home ;). Okay here it is as mentioned on my last post …

Introducing Domino’s Delicious Cheese Overload!!! I know most of you are cheese lovers and you will love Domino’s even more coz I will share to you how their very hi-tech, fast and efficient delivery process, so read more!

 at the Domino’s Tampines counter

Here are the mouth watering cheese overload pizzas we have tasted:

Our all time favorite Hawaiian Paradise

filled with 100% mozzarella cheese with bits of smoked chicken breast, turkey ham and  juicy pineapple.

How does it taste: Wonderfully hot and cheesy and yes I am among millions of people who prefer Hawaiian pizza the combination of the toppings and lots of cheese are so delightful. The crust is not overcooked. I can’t taste any sauce on it although I prefer pizza’s that has sauce but replacing the sauce with cheese? More better and yummier! Even the chicken and ham are in bits, still I can taste them and the pineapple is sweet and juicy it’s the right pineapple!

Next: Classified Chicken

Topped with Smoked Chicken breast , onions and mushroom.

How does it taste: It’s okay, I mean if you are choosy with pizza toppings this is definitely your choice. Don’t worry with the too much you’ve seen on the picture it won’t distract the chicken and mushroom taste. It taste kinda spicy which most all of us like it.

Next Pizza, I was already full at that time but anyway must taste a lots of pizza for review. Alright this is Classy Chic Pizza 

Cheesy pizza with smoked chicken breast, chicken sausage, onions, green peepers and ripe olives. When I saw the pizza and after I know the name which is Classy Chic Pizza, I kinda imagine that this pizza is more on casual dinner with wine set-up.

How does it taste: Honestly, I don’t usually eat the rip olives but this one is not bad at all! as usual it’s cheesy, zesty, and tasty cos of the lot of toppings added into it plus my favorite pepperoni!

Then the last pizza I’ve tasted: Chicken Temptation Pizza

Toppings consists of smoked chicken breast, turkey ham, green peppers and red peppers.

How does it taste: The veggies worked well together with the cheese. Great taste and texture. Oh My God! I miss the cheesy flavor now I seriously love all cheesy overload pizzas.

And also I never tasted this but this is their new  specialty it’s the Prawn Sensation Pizza

With Succulent Prawns, marinated  in italian herbs and spicies, imported Belgian spinach, juicy cherry tomatoes & onions with their brand new pizza saunce.

Then their fantastic and delicious add-ons:

 Twisted Bread

Garlic Cheese Onion Ring


 and crazy chicken Crunchies

and also a sweet Chocolate Lava Cake – A good dessert after eating various cheesy unloaded pizza.

Wanted to order online with a free delivery? Yes! Domino’s Pizza can do that!

Aside from that they have the GPS Tracker or the “Great Pizza Service Tracker”  which allows customers monitor their order status from the moment it is ordered up to the delivery 30 minutes  delivery guarantee! ;)

Example: The customer monitoring her order by checking it online.

The order arrived in time (actually earlier since we’re in the store already) with a nice greetings.

So how to Order Online? Simply go to customize your order or choose from their specialty , add some add-ones then wait for 30 minutes and track it by looking on the GPS tracker.

Want to deliver in advance? yes you can set the time of delivery as dynamic as that? what can you ask more? By the way Domino’s Pizza is the world’s  no.1  pizza delivery company so no doubt they got everything.

With co bloggers busy taking pictures:

So for their newest Special Cheese Overload Pizza Meal, they are now available at 12 Domino’s Pizza nationwide for S$39.80 which comes with 1 regular pizza with cheese sauce, 1 pizza of your choice, 1 Chocolate Lava cake, 1 breadstix or twisted bread in 6 pieces or 1 cinnastix. For more information visit or call them at 6222-6333.

Thanks to for inviting me. I recommend to try their online order now and have fun! :) Thanks for reading :)




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