Bifesta Makeup Remover

Last week on my Bifesta Bloggers Party post I promised to post a Bifesta Makeup Remover review. As per my word of honor here’s my review.
Since Bifesta is a Japanese brand, I also made myself looked like a Kawaii Japanese, I feel like I did failt, but anyway here me:
I bought the pink ribbon tie at Dayso (the $2 shop) and the pink floral dress bought at Scape Flea Market also used this dress on Sunsilk Defense Bloggers Event.Make-up Used:

Face: Loreal Make-up Base and Revlon Liquid Foundation

Eyes: Freshkon Contact Lens, Maybelline Eyebrow Brown Color, Etude House Styling White Eye Liner, AVON eye color make-up, Kiss Me Heroine Make Eyeliner and Mascara, Kiss Me Heroine Half Upper Fake Eyelashes, First Kiss New York Bottom Eyelashes.

Cheeks: Candy Doll Pink Blush

Lips: Candy Doll Pink Lip Gloss, Lip Ice Sheer Color

By the way, I used half falsies not the whole curve so that my eyes will remain big to achieve that anime look. Also Both Eyeliner and Mascara are waterproof.

So it’s time to erase the art using a clean and safe eraser.

Japan’s 1st Water Base Makeup Remover Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover. In Singapore it has won the following:

- CLEO Beauty Hall of Fame 2010 – Best Eye Remover

- Women’s Weekly Ministry of Beauty 2010 – Solution for Eye Contour Care

- CLEO Beauty Hall of Fame 2011 – Most Effective Eye Makeup Remover

So why it is so powerful?
Simple, because of it’s quick floating function! Each of the Hydrophilic Lipophile wraps and seals impurities securely and that removes makeup and impurities perfectly! That includes no foundation will leave on your skin pores even if  it is water-based.

In Japan, Bifesta is well known as Convenient, Powerful and Moisturizing. So this product is beyond awesome that we can ever imagine so c’mon let’s try.

This eye make-up remover removes waterproof makeup that contains Vitamin E and wraps oil and sebum.

To Use:

1. Shake it well and pour about 50 cents coin size of lotion unto cotton pad

2. Hold and Press down for about 10 seconds before wiping off, if you have super heavy makeup especially if you applied thick water-proof eyeliner and mascara hold it down longer.

See the difference – no residue, mascara removes thoroughly without tagging by eyelashes.  Falsies has also been removed safely.

Nothing was left, Everything was removed.

I also used it to removed foundation on my face.
Compare the upper and lower part of my face. I wiped the upper part  and see how it was cleaned by Bifesta, it’s non-sticky and non-oily guarantee to never clogged your pores.

Eyes and Face make-up on the cotton pad.

Finally Let’s compare before and after I used Bifesta:

For more, watch my video as I used Bifesta on removing my eye makeup:

Want to try Bifesta? Bifesta is giving away free 30ml Bifesta Cleansing Lotion Sebum just

1. Like Bifesta Fan Page

2. Go to Free Sample tab. Quote “ARA” in the password Field and submit

3. And wait for the product to arrive :)

No more contest thingy just simple as that :)

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