Halloween Fright Fest at Singapore Flyer

Halloween Creeps in at Singapore Flyer this October!

with Jermaine, Larissa, Kristine and me and the zombies (eeekk)

Thanks to omy.sg for inviting me and my sister to the Fright Fest event at the Singapore Flyer last October 20, 2011. It’s an Halloween event so we’re asked to dress up in Halloween customer. And we were completely clueless what to wear to we end up as

Me as a witch and my sister as a devil.

We are so lucky, coz we’re the first to experience Flyer’s Fright Fest as Singapore Flyer’s award winning rainforest was transformed into a scary hideout of all scariest species in the world!!

Outside scariest hideout, must confront your Fear! WARNING!!! But still we ventured inside

Sneak Peak Inside:

Whoaw! Creepy Strangers with scary faces and will scare you while you are in the dark, creepy decors and scary sound effects! It will totally scare your pants off! It’s like Jeepers Creepers walking in the forest with zombies!

Then after that, we headed to the  journey of dreams, the Singapore Flyer in a Scenic Flight.

After the 1 turn experience, we got straight to the Reception Area (like a VIP) for a drink and to announce the lucky 3 winners for the best Halloween costumes
the Halloween Special Brew
Then snapshot with the bloggers:

In Pretty Halloween costumes:

with Rebecca and her friend plus  Larissa with her friend plus other 2 pretty bloggers

The winners:

Rachel and his boyfriend + me. They are one of the top 3 winners.

portrait with my sister Kaye

the zombie maid with me and sis. She also won as the top 3 winners.

with Ghost Busters. The last one who won the best Halloween costumes.

Some Familiar Bloggers that we Love:

with the Cam-belles (Rache and Carrie), Larissa and her friend

with the lovely and gorgeous Rebecca  :)

with Cutie Larissa – we can see her at a popular local magazine this December, stay tune :)

Then, they gave us a souvenir each *happy*:

Once Again, Thank you Singapore Flyer and Omy.sg for this very successful and happy event!

Also you can watch my self-made video clip, Enjoy!

Thank you for reading! Have a nice Day! :)


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