My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009

In my rest hours, updating facebook, reading emails is what I usually do. But Reading latest posts to my favorite blogs is what I usually do every day. Now, I decided to join the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009 Writing Project to showcase and to share to everyone my favorite blogs every week.

(From top 1-10)

It’s not just about maarte(vain) stuffs but about girls stuff that is basically loving yourself as a girl and not treating yourself as ugly just like reading a beauty magazine.



Why I love her blog?  Because she’s a girl that every girl be envy with living in a luxurious life shopping and traveling.  Can you buy a LV bagS for yourself ?, well she can.



The first ideacamp here in davao will not only be held once a year but many times in a year, it’s open to all professionals or students who like to collaborate and bring ideas to life. In this camp there’s no rules, no fees and above all, everyone is open and like to hear your idea. If you’re from Davao or from Mindanao add this blog to your feeds and get updated on the upcoming Idea camp events. speak your mind!


When I am bored and tired, I usually visit this blog, and guess what it makes me smile. :)



With this blog, I definitely click his google ads because of the entertainment the author had shared to the readers. I once noticed this blog about his Hayden Kho scandal post and it’s really hilarious, this guy has really the potential as a book author because he’s idea is so unique and reasonable. C’mon meet him with his blog and enjoy.



Upon looking at the domain name, I’m pretty sure you’ll be really interested browsing the  site and upon loading, you can say “wow so cute” or “sooo pretty” for the very pretty pink template. Well the contents are very interested too not to mention the the great images she took.


I adore Alodia Gosiengfiao so much, and visiting her blogs and micro blogs makes me as her fan.


As a concern Filipino youth, I am really eager on the updates of this upcoming election this year 2010 and I am glad that this blog is so updated and I understand it more since I am not so knowledgeable about Politics and Governance.


This blog is owned by our Software Engineering and System Analysis Design professor way back and not so long ago in College. Well, he’s experience as a professor , his programming skills and IT knowledge serves as my guide throughout my IT career as a newly young professionals.

This blog is so active. And visiting this blog everyday will makes you updated especially in how to make money online and how to optimize your blog.





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