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For more information on how to download the Araphoenix App at Nokia Ovi Store watch this video =>  Instruction on how to Download Araphoenix at Nokia Ovi Store.

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Araphoenix at Nokia Ovi Store from Ara on Vimeo.

Araphoenix at Nokia Ovi Store from Ara on Vimeo.

Thank You! and see each other again in your nokia phones! =) God Bless You all!


Finally! Last February 4, 2009, All UIC IT 4A conducted their ASD presentation defense with 7 groups namely (in order of presentation):

1. Team Glamorous (Maricel Tan, Lloyd Gaanan, Jesus Luna)

2. Team Maarte (April Kwong, Jasmin Frigillano, Kurt Giger, Adrian Carado)

3. Metanoia (Billy Villagonzallo, Jonathan Gonzalbo, Louie, Aries Rebuldad)

4. Masaya Ka Na (Ian Charm Torres, Jocel Desales, Von Allegre )

5. Class 4 (Brylle Barriga, Kristine Lagura, Arzi Meode, Jim Magnaye)

6. Ria (Marlo Noval, Vladimir Gio, Ace Aguilar, Stephen Arinto)

7.   Haka (Harvey Villaver, Arman Alcoberes, Karen Liwaya, Angeli Basas)

Our Team started to present by 10:00 am at the Dark Room 3rd Floor, UIC Main. Our panelists were Mr. Jerry Flores as the chairman , Mr. Joseph Yamit and Mr. Arnold Remulta.



Having this OJT experience let me realize what I really want and capable of doing of. I want to be involve in software development specifically to program, since it’s the reason why I get this course , influence of the pascal programming in high school that my HS guy barkada’s thought it’s was fun!.lol…

Now I am ready to step to senior year the last year school, since I know what I want to do after I graduate(assume to graduate.. I hope so… Lord!help me!). But as always, wel never knew what will really happen on what God is planning to us.

Good Luck guys, I hope you also find your desire path….

Shop at Multiply

Me and my sister loves to online window shopping in multiply,when I want to buy cheap stuff I go and look it in davaosale like computer parts,digicam and router, but then we discover multiply is also a venue for shopping and selling online and just this afternoon my sister meet Mika one of the popular seller at multiply and bought the 2 blouse she order one for me and for her of course.

We love it,it’s elegantly gorgeous and it’s cheap. I highly encourage you to buy online to an dependable seller.

We wear it! Totally!

Summer outing Last April 19-20, 2007

After months of hardwork, finishing projects, tasks, and our recent On the job trainning, we planned to enjoy ourselves and relax for a while. In addition we also celebrated our birthday Brylle, IC, me and Harvey. we are the 9(me, brylle, billy, marlo, lloyd,IC, harvey, jacque and andot) people who went to the secret paradise unprepared, (we lost actually we ride on the wrong boat) and no contacts, but fortunately we really arrived to our destination and enjoy though it has no electricity, eating raw barbeque because it was not well cook(we first thought because of the bbq I bought but in the morning we realize that it was not cooked! geeshh!) .Our photos will describe it all!