Ho Chi Minh City Tour: Day 1

Last May 2013 (I know it’s so long already!) I am so lazy to blog recently maybe I was so busy  and my parents were here for almost 2 months and  we need to accompany them whenever we are free, talking about family bonding!

Okay to continue with, Last may 2013 my friends Denz , Mon and I went to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I love the city! not only I got the knowledge of the most famous war during World War 2 I experienced how the innocent civilian vietnamese suffered and as will as the US armies.

We arrived there on May 24, 2013, Oh by the way,We stayed at Sanouva Hotel, it’s around District 1 and it’s super convenient! It’s near Ben Than Market (if you prefer shopping) and it’s not that expensive, the service was good and the room was  cozy, clean and spacious (for a 2 person). I just didnt booked the hotel that easily, I read a lot of reviews first before I finally booked it, so believe me it’s fine icon smile Ho Chi Minh City Tour: Day 1

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First Stop, we went to Reunification Palace. It’s a normal old government palace where it was ran by French invaders. Nothing much, but if you are really keen on Vietnam  History, you can visit there but for me (sorry) It’s a waste of time. So here are the photos I took on that palace:

969020 10151602556987579 1895822336 n Ho Chi Minh City Tour: Day 1


312295 10151602557892579 1757681233 n Ho Chi Minh City Tour: Day 1

941713 10151602557202579 1012250403 n Ho Chi Minh City Tour: Day 1

969737 10151602557677579 1772415862 n Ho Chi Minh City Tour: Day 1

Then we went Lunch nearby, but we took pictures near the temple first and I don’t know why lol

375118 10151602558732579 120606969 n Ho Chi Minh City Tour: Day 1

and yes our awesome very local Vietnamese lunch! It’s really delicious and healthy too! That’s why girls here are gorgeously skinny and attractive.

983657 10151600772757579 146462174 n Ho Chi Minh City Tour: Day 1

Then we tasted their coffee at Passio Coffee Shop, it’s in front War Remnants Museum, where  we’ll be heading next. The cab driver was right, their coffee is indeed the best so far.

983984 10151600771797579 426497362 n Ho Chi Minh City Tour: Day 1

Yes, we went to War Remnants Museum next, it’s my second favorite tourist spot.  Everything is so emotional, you can really feel the pain, hardship, burden and sacrifices on both parties. it’s not bias, I will not be posting a lot of photos  about it so you can see and feel it yourself. It was really a terrible feeling and you can understand how lucky we are and we’re not the people who suffered from that crisis before.

Here are some of the essential photos we took:

581924 10151602563007579 1022323058 n Ho Chi Minh City Tour: Day 1

old war planes left by the Americans

969238 10151602560092579 444200439 n Ho Chi Minh City Tour: Day 1

969905 10151602559322579 528654254 n 1 Ho Chi Minh City Tour: Day 1

971732 10151602563737579 405461207 n Ho Chi Minh City Tour: Day 1

This is how they prisoned their enemies before! How cruel!

988917 10151602564432579 78919984 n Ho Chi Minh City Tour: Day 1


Giant bullets!!! yikes!

486258 10151602563307579 1095936821 n Ho Chi Minh City Tour: Day 1

and the worst part! They called it The Guillotine. It was originally brought by French in vietnam in the early 20th century and this was again used in the US war to execute Vietnam patriots icon sad Ho Chi Minh City Tour: Day 1 How cruel! how heartless!

Then after sorrow, it’s time to visit one of the oldest Catholic Church in Asia – it’s the Notre Dame Cathedral

425210 10151602566127579 2123155768 n Ho Chi Minh City Tour: Day 1

934622 10151602568657579 101208437 n Ho Chi Minh City Tour: Day 1

It was very old! like 2,000+ years old even inside you can see how an old Catholic Church looks like.

419983 10151602568852579 1759747025 n Ho Chi Minh City Tour: Day 1

But mostly they already renovated it.

By the way, most of the people their have their own motor bikes,so it’s motorbikes all over the city!!! It was fun actually but I think too risky icon sad Ho Chi Minh City Tour: Day 1

248136 10151602566762579 1123235786 n Ho Chi Minh City Tour: Day 1


292318 10151600769992579 2052240080 n Ho Chi Minh City Tour: Day 1

Then we headed to the famous Saigon Old Post Office. Nothing special, it’s just the architecture is so European and if you are in Asia who never been to Paris and Italy? You surely gonna take a landscape photo of the building like us! hahaha

943406 10151602567162579 696266188 n Ho Chi Minh City Tour: Day 1

423969 10151602567967579 1292827188 n Ho Chi Minh City Tour: Day 1

Inside the post office

923002 10151602567777579 2107360682 n Ho Chi Minh City Tour: Day 1

These phones are actually working by the way.

Then we passed by to the magnificient City Hall~ yes City hall and it’s really beautiful

944317 10151602569452579 1622265018 n Ho Chi Minh City Tour: Day 1

We just strolled around the city for the whole day! Did we feel tired? Ofcourse! Extremely Tired but Fun! icon smile Ho Chi Minh City Tour: Day 1 Who needs a tour guide if my friend Dennies himself is a walking google map? hahaha

379765 10151602566952579 910753609 n Ho Chi Minh City Tour: Day 1

Then after that, we went back to the Hotel and rest and now…

I hope I virtually  toured you at HCM City and  up next Day 2 at Chu-Chi Tunnel, opera house and Saigon Sky Tower! Stay Tune icon smile Ho Chi Minh City Tour: Day 1




Boracay Last Christmas

It’s been a long time since I posted my travel escapades but honestly, this post was been on my Draft for 8 months already and the photos were already ready but the text were yet null . But I hope you will like it even though  old but still a travel post icon smile Boracay Last Christmas

I guess these photos will tell all how fun and spectacular Boracay is.  For me, it’s the best beach I’ve been so far (yes! compared to Phuket) and even more better coz I am with my family!!! It’s our Christmas present to them and yes they were all happy and our best Christmas ever (*singing Best Song Ever … ooohh yeyeah yeah yeah *)!

738013 10151315114282579 364399923 o Boracay Last Christmas

736130 10151318310407579 1251958736 o Boracay Last Christmas

542184 10151315163262579 661535165 n Boracay Last Christmas

737666 10151318305517579 980645168 o Boracay Last Christmas



Legoland Malaysia Review

That’s right! Me and my bf  went to Legoland Malaysia last month and it was good lots of lego and some kid’s stuff which is not for me really. But if you are a parent and has 4-12 years child (and not mind paying 80+ each in which for me its a bit over pricing), I highly recommend to spend your family day there and set  the right date means the wheather must be sunny or cloudy whole day.

Watch our video for preview:

The date we’ve been there is a total disaster! it was raining the whole afternoon (nerve wrecking!) and guess  what? all outdoor rides were closed and unfortunately most of the “considered fun”  rides were all closed! and so what we did?  we used our umbrella and strolled around forcing ourselves to love the miniatures made in lego over and over again. Aside from that, their staff were NOT PLEASANT at all! they were so relaxed and has this “angry face” everytime we see them.  Regarding this matter, I already submitted my feedback to their automated feedback machine and this post is for the benefit of everyone wanting to go there.

For the address, entrance fee and other essential matter visit legoland’s website –

So here are the photos we took in Legoland Malaysia, Yey!

DSC 0014 Legoland Malaysia Review

DSC 0020 Legoland Malaysia Review


The Maritime Experiential Museum

Last weekend, me bf and sis decided for a Trip to Sentosa day last Saturday and  one of the attraction we decided to go and we didn’t visited yet was The Maritime Experiential Museum – which is new and much cheaper compare to Universal Studio Singapore and it’s worth it cos I have the best people with me :).

The Maritime Experiential Museum is an Asia’s rich maritime history. The Maritime Experiential Museum, an interactive, multi-sensorial museum for the whole family [more info].

DSC 0165 The Maritime Experiential Museum

me and bf outside the museum. behind us  is the  sentosa version of the The Venetian

DSC 0007 The Maritime Experiential Museum

Flaunting our tickets. We paid  $11 each, to break it down-  museum  entrance is $5 and theater experience more like a 4D but not 3D is $6.

DSC 0152 The Maritime Experiential Museum

Inside the meseum where you can see a giant old ship wiith a dragon head on it.


Pulau Ubin

Boyfie and I went to Pulau Ubin (It’s still in Singapore) last last week July 22, 2012 for our another weekend getaway. We bought the whole day adventure package at   that includes whole day bicycle rental, 2 hours fish spa and 2 hours kayaking at Celestial Buin Beach Resort for $13 each!

As usual, I’m gonna spam my selected photos of our trip so bear with me icon smile Pulau Ubin . By they way just a copy paste information:

Located off the North Eastern end of Singapore, it has an area of 1020 hectares, in a rough sharp of a boomberang. Its core geological make up is  granite over five smaller islands,  interspersed by low lying mangroves and the tidal rivers. The tidal rivers were bunded for prawn breediing thereby connected all those smaller islands into a single  island known as Pulau Ubin. (

So le’t go! and welcome to Pulau Ubin Singapore!

1 Pulau Ubin

How to get there?


Gardens by the Bay

Me, my sister and boyfriend went to Gardens by the Bay last week for the first time since it opened last June 29,2012. We stroll around the outdoor gardens since it’s free for all and skipped all the conservatories plus OCBC skyway since it has entrance fee icon smile Gardens by the Bay

DSC 00481 Gardens by the Bay

And now like I always do on my travel posts, I will take you there on my photos, set back and relax and  enjoy icon smile Gardens by the Bay

How to Get there? Simply alight at Bay Front Station (yellow line) and no more bus after that.

First stop after exiting Bay Front MRT station is the Dragonfly & Kingfisher Lakes

DSC 0004 Gardens by the Bay

DSC 0123 Gardens by the Bay

DSC 0008 Gardens by the Bay

at the back of it you can see the wonderful Marina Bay Sands.

DSC 0011 Gardens by the Bay

You can already see the Supertree Groove – 12 towering Supertrees.

DSC 0015 Gardens by the Bay

DSC 0017 Gardens by the Bay

And now Gardens divided by each  countries and these are: Malay Garden, Indian Garden, Chinese Garden and more.

DSC 0022 Gardens by the Bay

DSC 00241 Gardens by the Bay

DSC 0033 Gardens by the Bay


Hangover at Bangkok

Last June 23-24, 2012 , after our Phuket Adventure we headed to Asia’s spectacular and World’s Land of Smiles, the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok.Now, I will take you to my experiences and hangover at Bangkok.

Early in the morning at 4am we woke up for our flight to bangkok. During this time we are at Phuket.

288359 10151009313344558 1784216773 o Hangover at Bangkok

At Suvarnabhumi Airport. They have the 1st class airport that they can be proud of.


Phuket Thailand Getaway

Last week June 21 -22 2012 We wen to Phuket Thailand with my boyfriend and college schoolmates, same gang I am with in our last trip in Hong Kong and Macau they are my travel friends! icon smile Phuket Thailand Getaway

We flew there via airasia airlines for the roundtrip including our Phuket-Bangkok flight. Then we stayed at a budget hotel which is so near Patong Beach Resort and we avail the Phi-Phi Island Tour Package via a speed boat, then  went to Bangla Road for a booze night , ate Thai foods and Thai street foods (omg! I love their Tom Yum!) and then at the 3rd day early in the morning we flew to Bangkok for our next adventure.

For enquiries like instructions, or the hotel we stayed in please free to email me here. Don’t worry when you get to Phuket there are lots of travel agencies to choose with for your tour and the transportation? not a problem! they will fetch you from your hotel  just be sure to wake up on time and as a budget traveler, spend wisely  :)

Without more further ado here are the few selected photos we have, Beware: You will surely be in love to Phuket Thailand.

DSC 0145 Phuket Thailand Getaway

DSC 0186 Phuket Thailand Getaway

DSC 0132 Phuket Thailand Getaway

DSC 0227 Phuket Thailand Getaway

DSC 0252 Phuket Thailand Getaway

DSC 0280 Phuket Thailand Getaway

DSC 02831 Phuket Thailand Getaway

DSC 0318 Phuket Thailand Getaway

333 Phuket Thailand Getaway

DSC 0345 Phuket Thailand Getaway

DSC 0457 Phuket Thailand Getaway

I love Phuket!  I wanna go back there again soon!!!  For more of my travel updates and my photo that I took from my phone pls follow me on my instagram it’s araphoenix

and here is the video compliation of our awesome trip in Thailand (Phuket and Bangkok) so enjoy! icon smile Phuket Thailand Getaway

Eden Nature Park

Last last week, Me and my family went to Eden Nature Park, Davao City to celebrate Mother’s Day!

So where is Eden Nature Park?

Eden Nature Park is located at Mt. Talomo Davao City Philippines. Where you will breath fresh air and cold weather.

What is something special at Eden Nature Park?

Eden Nature Park is a mountain resort,3,000 feet above sea level and 95% of it is man-made! Awesome right? It really proves that we can do something on our mother earth and bring back the lost nature with ,a clean and green environment.

So now I will take you to our Eden Experience:

DSC 0383 Eden Nature Park


Kuala Lumpur Trip

Last February 25, 2012 me and bf went to Kuala Lumpur to celebrate his 24th Birthday. YEY!

At exactly 5:30am we woke up and went to Changi Airport Terminal 1, we took AirAsia plane in which I considered as one of the best budget airlines here in Southeast Asia.

IMG 1060 1024x768 Kuala Lumpur Trip

Okay we arrived at KLLCT at 8:30am and rode the shuttle going to KL Sentral, It was like 40 minutes ride so we took the moment to nap again. lol

So after we arrived at KL Sentral, we then took the train  from KL Sentral station going to Kuala Lumpur Station then to the Petronas Towers.

3 Kuala Lumpur Trip

I love the fountain! It made me feel relax while watching it flows

2 Kuala Lumpur Trip

me and Mon with the full view of the 3rd tallest building in the World, The Petronas Towers.

DSC 0162 Kuala Lumpur Trip

I love the weather that day as well as my shoes icon biggrin Kuala Lumpur Trip