Hong Kong 2014

Thanks for my awesome company for sponsoring my 1 week trip to Hong Kong and it’s my second time  in Hong Kong and this time it’s WINTER! It’s my First time to experienced winter (although without snow but I think it’s better). It was my first time flying via Flyscoot too and I say the service there is superb! although the seats are still the same with the other budget airlines out there (small and very close ). Although it’s my countless times flying alone and I don’t have any issues on who are my seat mates are just I don’t like those smelly people (for crying out loud! it’s 3 hours + ). To begin with, I really didn’t expect how cold it can be, I mean Singapore to Hong Kong, is not that far so I assumed the weather will be not so very different… but then again… I so trusted myself that much that I was so very wrong! In fact I only bring a “not-for-winter” jacket and it was  so freaking cold.

So, In travelling to the  city area, I took the  train express (just like other rich tourist lol ) which cost 100 HKD. @.@

IMG 5211 Hong Kong 2014

At  Time Square, Causeway Bay


Ho Chi Minh City Tour: Day 1

Last May 2013 (I know it’s so long already!) I am so lazy to blog recently maybe I was so busy  and my parents were here for almost 2 months and  we need to accompany them whenever we are free, talking about family bonding!

Okay to continue with, Last may 2013 my friends Denz , Mon and I went to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I love the city! not only I got the knowledge of the most famous war during World War 2 I experienced how the innocent civilian vietnamese suffered and as will as the US armies.

We arrived there on May 24, 2013, Oh by the way,We stayed at Sanouva Hotel, it’s around District 1 and it’s super convenient! It’s near Ben Than Market (if you prefer shopping) and it’s not that expensive, the service was good and the room was  cozy, clean and spacious (for a 2 person). I just didnt booked the hotel that easily, I read a lot of reviews first before I finally booked it, so believe me it’s fine icon smile Ho Chi Minh City Tour: Day 1

947028 10151602587067579 1501909124 n Ho Chi Minh City Tour: Day 1



Boracay Last Christmas

It’s been a long time since I posted my travel escapades but honestly, this post was been on my Draft for 8 months already and the photos were already ready but the text were yet null . But I hope you will like it even though  old but still a travel post icon smile Boracay Last Christmas

I guess these photos will tell all how fun and spectacular Boracay is.  For me, it’s the best beach I’ve been so far (yes! compared to Phuket) and even more better coz I am with my family!!! It’s our Christmas present to them and yes they were all happy and our best Christmas ever (*singing Best Song Ever … ooohh yeyeah yeah yeah *)!

738013 10151315114282579 364399923 o Boracay Last Christmas



Legoland Malaysia Review

That’s right! Me and my bf  went to Legoland Malaysia last month and it was good lots of lego and some kid’s stuff which is not for me really. But if you are a parent and has 4-12 years child (and not mind paying 80+ each in which for me its a bit over pricing), I highly recommend to spend your family day there and set  the right date means the wheather must be sunny or cloudy whole day.

Watch our video for preview:



The Maritime Experiential Museum

Last weekend, me bf and sis decided for a Trip to Sentosa day last Saturday and  one of the attraction we decided to go and we didn’t visited yet was The Maritime Experiential Museum – which is new and much cheaper compare to Universal Studio Singapore and it’s worth it cos I have the best people with me :).

The Maritime Experiential Museum is an Asia’s rich maritime history. The Maritime Experiential Museum, an interactive, multi-sensorial museum for the whole family [more info].

DSC 0165 The Maritime Experiential Museum

me and bf outside the museum. behind us  is the  sentosa version of the The Venetian