ZombieLand: Ultimate Zombie Party


This is where I celebrated Halloween this year. We party at Wave House Sentosa last October 26, 2013. We all dressed up and played as zombie! It was claimed as the world’s first-ever zombie themed party with the internationally renowned DJs Reid Stefan (USA/Island Def Jam) and DJ Ono (Thailand/HeavyHitters), with DJ Stas (Mink, Fenix Room) representing Singapore for the night.

One of our best night to remember this year! It was fun, the music are awesome  upbeat and all the popular songs were played, the crowd were fun mostly young people although the drinks were pretty expensive (of course it’s Sentosa)  but overall it’s was an awesome Halloween night!

First, we need to be zombified, so I bought my liquid latex for our fake skin and fake blood at Magic Hall store at Plaza Singapura. Doing it alone is boring so I went to my party peep friends and with the help of my artistic and sexilicious friend Kit we really did a good job on zombifying ourselves and we also did the makeup for other friends too!



In the process of zombifying ourselves. We really need to work on our fake bruises and tearing of our fake skin. and blood to look as real as possible! Thanks to Kit’s red, purple and brown eye palette, we really made the fake blood looked real!


and this is the final look!


Prom Queen Zombie! yikes! or drag queen zombie? You Decide ;)


with my girl zombies. Me as prom queen zombie, Kit as gothic maid zombie and Nida as Gypsy zombie


with the army boys zombie. Perfect family


Inside Wavehouse Sentosa


Party just started!!!


DJ zombie :)


cool kids totally zombified!


I remembered this when there was confetti! It was so so fun :)


Nida’s colleagues…

and a lot more…

Overall the party was good, it’s like a ripped off of Michael Jackson’s thriller.

Watch our videos here: Warning: It’s freaking ridiculous!

Me, Nida and Kuya’s zombie face… although I don’t like one! I look funny!

and we party hard!!! hahaha #YOLO

That’s it! Enjoy life while still young but be always careful on the decision you made , it may be true that you will only leave once but sometimes one big mistake can make a huge bad impact on your life :) and it sucks :)


Free Photoshoot Package at Your Ever After Studios

You read it right! You can’t find this at or groupon and you just read it right here!

Exclusively for Singaporeans or to those couples who are currently living in Singapore, you can enjoy a FREE wedding/engagement  photo shoot package if your wedding/reception or engagement shoot will be held here in Singapore!

Some of their magnificent wedding portfolios:



I really admire the photographers behind these amazing pictures, They are unbelievably talented! I have nothing bad to say about them (Rap2 and Joemar) but pure awesome compliments. They already did our acting engagement shoot  last 2011 and not only that  they work so very professional and committed about everything from the view, angles and other photographer’s business but also they are fun to be with too! They care a lot on their clients and they really make sure that their clients are comfortable and enjoying at the same time.

Visit Your ever After Studios website for more wedding and engagement albums –


Senka and Ma Cherie Preview

Last September 19, 2012 at OCTA HOTEL @ PARCO MARINA organised by Shiseido Singapore the first ever launching of two of the famous Japanese products that are highly raved in Japan. It’s the new skin care Senka and Ma Cherie sweet scent hair care products.

The place is so cute and it reminds me of lolita cafe or related to that, Octa Hotel is not a hotel it’s a classic Japanese cafe with all the kawaii stuff. Visit for more information.

bloggers welcome us to a big banner of Ma Cherie and Senka.

Bunch of Ma Cherie and Senka product ranges so pink…

and the preview started with the co bloggers


Singapore Twitter Frenzy at Wave House Sentosa

Once again Happy 40th Birthday Sentosa!

Last June 9, 2012  twitter lovers met at Wave House Sentosa and witnessed  the presentation of Singapore’s first Twitter Frenzy Award organised by, Sentosa and WaveHouse.


Heroine Make’s Princess Ball

Thanks to EK Media and Mandom Corp to Heroine Make’s Princess Ball Event last May 26, 2012.

All of us bloggers went there without eye makeup as stated on our very princessy invitation. When I arrived, they measured our eyes for a start.