Liese Bubble Hair Color Jewel Pink


It’s the new hair color in town! and it’s easy to use and fun too!

I already used Liese Bubble Hair Color before and it’s easy and  safe to your scalp and hair!


The Liese Bubble Hair Color Jewel Pink is a new type of permanent hair color that uses foam, different from other DIY hair colours out there! Jewel pink is not the pink we imagine or the ombre hair color I had last Christmas but it is a shiny brown with a touch of pink, like the model’s hair.

The advantage is that first is it’s easy to use no need for asking your mom or sister to help you applying the color or sectioning your hair, second it’s safe – proven and tested many times ,  no other things needs like hair coloring comb and stuff like that and fun! -it is a foam hair coloring and when it reaches all over the head and you can achieve beautiful, evenly colored hair easily.


Inside the box, you can expect these: 2 hair color solutions, 1 hair color conditioner, gloves and manual in English and Japanese.


Instructions on how to use it is displayed outside the box.


This is my BEFORE photo. My hair is really black (I just dyed the bleached part last week). and not even shiny :(

Watch the video here on the time I paint my hair:


About the chemicals: The smell is not too volatile substance abuse but  I suggets mix the two chemicals in   an open room and if possible wear mask? all throughout the process but duh whatever it is safe as for me I used it many times and still alive and kicking.

Hey! Don’t forget to wear dark unused clothes! You know why right? :)



Check out the the dispensed light brown foam I applied on my dry hair! fun!


After massaging the foam throughout my thick hair, it tranforms into thick creamy foam see pic below:



looks like an ordinary shampoo right? and I didn’t experience any irritation on my scalp, ears and its like shampooing your hair.

and the AFTER photos:


Darn! I so love it! Even light brown- just what I wanted a long ago. Not only the color was right but also my hair looks so shiny and smooth. Love it!

Liese Bubble Hair Color Jewel Pink is perfect if you wanted to achieve a young and edgy look.


As you can see from a very dark hair color to this. Best for us Asian hair.


For more information, visit Liese Bubble Hair Color website  here.



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