Biore Facial Foam Skin Caring Cleanser

Hi Ya All! Yes it’s another new Biore product that you will love again :)

Remember the best selling Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash  that I blogged before? Now they release another new improve and more lovable facial foam cleanser that you love to have  it’s the Biore Facial Foam Skin Caring Cleanser.

The new and improved Biore Facial Foam Skin Caring Cleanser has 4 series and two of this are: Biore Facial Foam Scrub and Biore Facial Foam Dry and Dehydrated.

Loving the new improved Biore Facial Foam you know why?

– It has the more cleansing ability

- It has low irritation – I agree with that! I am one of those girls who loves to use  facial scrub and rub it forcefully  on my face that obviously irritates my skin because of the strong cleansing chemicals that penetrates deeply into it.

– It also reduces oil at our T-zone area (forehead and nose) and replenish moisture at Uzone (cheek and chin).

and the best part is that it claims to improve your skin within 14 days

This is one is my favorite the Biore facial foam scrub, to achieve that radiant and refined skin. Good for all skin types.

What’s New: It has Skin purifying technology and ultra fine beads smaller than pores.

Skin Purifying Technology means
– High Cleansing Efficacy
– No penetration to skin = No damage to skin
– Non residue, Non irritating, Vitalize Skin!

Take a look at that fine beads on the facial scrub that will unclogged our pores like as shown my before photo below :(

This is my before photo after I woke up and just applied lip gloss :D Can you count that hideous pores? *hides*

It’s time to use facial foam scrub

It easily forms foam upon gently rubbing and after that, my face was not dry at all!

and After:

Aside from removing my facial mustache, combing my hair and wearing  my lenses, my skin got smoother and clearer. It did removes impurities, blackheads and whiteheads and dead skin. It also reduces the oil on my T-zone area and makes me look younger and fresh again as I wanted :)

Second One, Biore Facial Foam Extra Moist –  to achieve those desired moist and supple skin.

To achieve: Supple and comfortable with no tightness

What’s New: It has Skin purifying technology

This facial foam is so unexpected! The texture is so light and very pleasant to the skin upon applying. It also smells good and that you could feel how fun to clean your face everyday :)

No one could tell it’s a facial wash unless you add water on it to make a facial foam cleanser.

This facial cleanser helps my skin prolong the moisture and hydration our skin needs whole day, aside from hydrating lotion and moisturizer  Most recommended for people with dry and dehydrated skin better use this one!

And I will end this post as a love for the new Biore Facial Foam Skin Caring Cleanser which is the 1st cleanser ever that supports & boost skin’s natural ability to self renew.

The Biore Facial Foam Series is available at Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, Unity and other majore departmental stores.


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