The Edgy and the Outrageous Me

I’m not really an Outrageous person although I love Britney Spears so much but Edgy yes I am more like a happy Edgy Yuppie who don’t like going in  clubs and don’t want to talk much to strangers or definitely shy and silent when I am with people.

So on today’s fashion shoot post,  I created myself as a Simple Edgy look with an outrageous moves, but I really intended to look as a cool strong sort of like a Madonna in 80’s with a taste of sugar oh so sweet but when I viewed  it after, it seems like a “I love Rock N Roll” + Coyote Ugly look! that’s the way it is yo!

I look like a 16 years old prostitute trying to sell out! LOL

posing like a girl next door and proclaiming “Never had a bf since birth”

Out Of Control in a sophisticated way or not? or just an  another ordinary editorial pose that I love to copy! :D

I want to look drunk but it looks like a Coyote Ugly who don’t know how to flare.

Copying other edgy girls on Lookbook hahaha that’s how it use to be!

THIS FAIL BIG TIME!!! if Tyra Banks and Kelly Cutrone will criticize this? They will say it’s more like a shit lol Okay I give up modelling is not for me hahaha I only experienced modelling once when I was a kid  maybe 9 years old lol!

Thanks for visiting my blog I hope you have a great time reading and laughing at my photos :)

Take Care!


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