Senka and Ma Cherie Preview

Last September 19, 2012 at OCTA HOTEL @ PARCO MARINA organised by Shiseido Singapore the first ever launching of two of the famous Japanese products that are highly raved in Japan. It’s the new skin care Senka and Ma Cherie sweet scent hair care products.

The place is so cute and it reminds me of lolita cafe or related to that, Octa Hotel is not a hotel it’s a classic Japanese cafe with all the kawaii stuff. Visit for more information.

bloggers welcome us to a big banner of Ma Cherie and Senka.

Bunch of Ma Cherie and Senka product ranges so pink…

and the preview started with the co bloggers

First… Senka

Senka was made out of their current customers needs.  It’s like we love to use Product A cos it helps diminish blemishes but it make your skin dry or you love Product B because it hydrates your skin but requires time to apply it and etc. So Senka created an innovative product that is right for us, effective and satisfaction guarantee in other words, it can be our bestfriend forever!

First product: Senka Hoshitsu Lotion

This product was made because many people are looking for the best moisturizer.  They are or must I say we are looking for more moisturizing capability without using too many moisturizer and the method of application we normally use.

For me, I use Hydrating lotion twice a day, facial mask thrice a week and home made method which is applying of oatmeal throughout my face once a week. Hmmm it’s not that a lot of effort on my part but it’s more better to do only in one step only right?

Testing Senka Hoshitsu Lotion. Not sticky at all and penetrates on  my skin quickly! it’s feels like water because it contains concentrated moisturizing cream components and water soluble moisturising liquid.

Second Product: Senka Whitenning Lotion

And other people are also looking for an effective skin whitening that won’t dry your skin plus not expensive! This really my problem to be honest, cheap whitening product are mostly not effective :( and there, they come up with Senka Whitenning Lotion. They gave me a sample on it and I will show to you my review later ;)

Senka product testing to one of the gorgeous blogger

Before applying moisturizer or hydration it is a must to clean our face first, and they have this new product for complete cleansing with this Senka Perfect Cleanser

1. Senka Perfect Watery Oil – make up remover in an instant without hard scrubbing

2. Senka Perfect Oil – removes stubborn make up

3. Senka Perfect Whip – a facial foam cleanser which is mild and removes impurities

4. Senka Perfect Liquid –  makeup remover that is suitable for oily or oily combination skin.

Shiseido representative demonstrating how to use Perfect Whip and tested it on one of the blogger’s hand.

You can see how he prepared it to achieve the desired foam which is dense, elastic and long lasting which removes impurities in  the pores.

Then the next one is one of my new favorite Ma Cherie

Ma Cherie is a french word means “My Sweetheart” and it’s already available here in Singapore! Woohoo!

This new hair care brand is made of Champagne Honey Gelee that allows your fingers to glide through smooth hair and romantic scent throughout the day.

Ma Cherie Perfect Shower (Perfect Shower Smooth, Perfect Shower Wave and Perfect Shower Moist).

Ma Cherie Air Feel Conditioner and Shampoo

and a lot more to choose and full complete hair care from Ma Cherie.

Honestly, when I saw the price it’s not that cheap like any ordinary hair care out there but in general this is a better buy. Which means that this is effective and worth your money to achieve that princessy hair and gorgeous look and most of all scent.

Charmaine of Shiseido posing beside Ma cherie.

and here is what Shishiedo gave to us. And we are the first in Singapore to try it!

Ma Cherie Aqua Dew Energy Ex, Mac Cherie Hair Fragrance and Senka Whitening Lotion

1st one –  Senka Whitening Lotion

Review: The advantage of this new Senka Whitening Lotion, it has this brightening effect and it absorbs to your skin quickly and it’s a little bit mediocre to me than Hada Labo but  I guess it’s only on my skin type which is a combination of a oily and dry skin.

Second: Ma Cherie Aqua Dew Energy Ex – a gel leave on treatment

It really smell so good, actually like a mix of honeys, cherries and peaches the best scent of any haircare product ever and I really really love it!

Let’s try on my awesome dry hair

Left and right is both dry

The color is pink and I can smell the sweet scent already

and applied it on my hair take a look at that, my hair got smooth and looks not dry at all

and compare, so obvious that on the left my hair got neater and not dry

Love it!

and the third one is the Mac Cherie Hair Fragrance

I never thought Hair Fragrance is that important but when I tried Ma cherie Hair fragrance… whoaw you really need to make your smell good on top of everything especially when you’re in a polluted kind of place like traffic road, hawker centre, and even when you are required to not to wash your hair for a day for some reason of course.

spraying 5 inches away from my hair

and I love it this one too!

Senka and Ma Cherie products will available in selected Watsons from October 11, 2012 onwards so it’s like how many days to wait!





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