Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Lotion with Nano Formula

Hi Ya’all I am recently fond of southern ‘country’ US accent lately in which I kinda like how it sounds and how they pronounce the words differently that it made me describe them as the  jolly, kind, honest and simple folks out there in the US. okay… the truth is that these past few week I’ve been so obsessed  with their lifestyle that is different from what everyone described when they say America that all I think of is Hollywood, LA, Florida and New York and their stereotype personalities but in southern part it is very opposite and especially the redneck games I find it humours and I started to like them or the interest to know more about them since I watched the Honey Boo Boo Show – my recent guilty pleasure. :D.

Speaking of  pleasure, this one is no guilty at all! in fact it’s the love of my life brand since forever! and I am not talking about  Britney or Sophie Sumner (although I love ‘em both) but in terms of skin care the A-list brand no other than Hada Labo they have a new product that you will again  love – it’s the Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Lotion with Nano Formula although their competitor brand already launched this kind of lotion but let’s see which is better.

This products highlighted “3 benefits in 1 step”. Meaning on this 1 bottle you can already achieve 3 benefits without using different products at all! So what are these benefits? Whitening, Hydration and Moisturizing.  How? They combined 3  amazing ingredients mainly Arbutin  and Vitamin C with Hyaluronic Acid. Arbutin is an extract from a natural bearberry plant which  proven to fight against dark spots  and enhance skin fairness and with the help of Vitamin C , it enhances the skin by repairing the dull skin caused by UV rays and ofcourse Hyaluronic Acid for triple hydration power.

1 bottle costs only $22.90 and it is available throughout Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, Fairprice stores nationwide.

Just like the new Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Lotion with new Nano Formula it also absorbs to your skin easily and has a safe smell.

Rating: 8/10. If I gave 10 maybe I am too bias of how I love this hada labo but the cons of this one is that it is not your ordinary skin care cream or toner but this is a facial lotion and it requires you to gently tap it on your face ideally but as for me ir depends on how you apply it,  the important is, the essences must absorbs deeply into your skin and by they 1st time you use it, it feels kinda odd or uncomfortable but on the long run you get to use of it and you will appreciate the effectiveness it brings to you.

The Effectiveness I notice is that it’s still the same result when my other Hada Labo hydrating lotion which I am currently using right now, that gives the perfect amount of hydration your skin needs, no more blemishes grew on to my face and skin feels so smooth now than before. On the whitening effect, I can’t see it yet maybe because I am not originally that fare or I don’t usually stay long outside under the sun and I use sunscreen everyday so I feel protective on it but maybe after few months I can see a more brighter skin result.

and that’s not all! The fun stuff is here, You can try this product absolutely free!

Just follow this very very easy steps that I know you can do this now:

1) Go to their Facebook page or click this link – Hada Labo Singapore Facebook Page and Like the Page.

2) Go to  Free Sample application and  enter the following required fields and they will send you the travel size Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Lotion with Nano Formula on your home for free!

Will I it regularly? Yes ofcourse, I’ve been a regular Hada Labo Lotion user and I consider this one since I love whitening skin care like who else don’t want it? we asians love whitening products and this one is one of the superb japanese product that is perfect for our skin :)

Thanks for reading :) See you again :)


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