Fun or not?

I am currently experiencing the most cruel things in my life which is my so called “boredom + laziness feeling”!

I don’t want to say foul words here on my page cos I hate the impression of me as a bad livid woman but yes F*ck you heartless people! Okay enough with the drama…

These past few weeks I was really hooked up watching America’s Next Top Model and I super love Sophie Sumner super super super… and reading Britney Spears tabloids and news on how she was going through, from the day she married Kevin F, divorce, meltdown, comeback and now as a judge of X factor season 2. I am still rooting for Britney Spears I love her since 1999 and my closest friend/family know that and I really understand her rebellious days, she was looking on what she wanted and influenced from the leeches too since the time she and Justin broke up (saddest news I ever heard when I was in 1st year High School).

Okay that’s it for now! Thanks for reading! Sorry for the weird post  :)


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