Deep Cleansing Pore Minimizing mask

Long time no blog and I miss blogging it’s just I’ve been so  busy fixing some personal stuff that I need to fix and  I will be introducing to you a new product that I just received month ago, and I kinda used ’em all already cos I love it :)

Introducing the new My Scheming Deep Cleansing Pore Minimizing mask a highly innovative mask that can treat your pores and other good benefits for your skin.

+ they gave other 2 types of My Scheming masks. These are My Scheming Birds Nest Collagen Hydrating Mask – which I gave it to my mom since she needs more collagen than I do and she loves it! and My Scheming Milk Extra Brightening Mask and I was so surprised on this, it’was my first time to use a facial milk mask in which I love milk, it makes your skin more healthier and gloomy and yes I love it!

My Scheming facial mask  is currently the best Selling Facial Mask from Taiwan for deep minimizing pores and that’s interesting and since it’s now coming to Singapore it will be number one here soon.

My Scheming Deep Cleansing Pore Minimizing mask has a very creative and artistic mask that you love to place on your table with your coffee table books and scented stationaries.

It has 10 masks in 1 box its double than the usual facial masks.

My Scheming Deep Cleansing Pore Minimizing mask contains an Acerola extract that boost collagen production to achieve youthful skin specifically it reduces lines. It also contains Liquorice and Mulberry extract, an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant that deep cleans and improves your skin condition and last but not the least it also contains While Gentianae Radix that gives you a smoother, fairer complexion.

Upon opening the mask, I noticed that the mask sheet was so strong that impossible to be teared and contrary to that it was so smooth. basically it is made up of  100% Pure Japan Natural Pulp and it also  has slits on the bottom  to contours of the face.

While wearing it, I felt comfortable to it and the mask sheet feel at ease and gentle on my skin. And most importantly, I really feel how the essences absorbs onto my skin thanks to the effective quality of the sheet and the nutrients of the essences.

Verdict: It’s not a waste of money nor time  at all! I mean, I already tried a lot of mask throughout since it became popular last 2010  and some of them were just a non effective mask and feels like I was hoping for a changes on my skin problems but not. But this My Scheming Deep Cleansing Pore Minimizing mask it actually heals the pores that can be found on skin since I already used 10 of ’em and I absolutely conclude that it is really effective as minimum of 8-10 mask you can already see the changes (This is the advantage of mask review without deadlines and I can entirely try the product with no pressure at all). I love it! Recommended for both dry and oily skin or if you have both. It’s really a recommended mask for skin maintenance, anti stress for your skin daily or depends on your mask schedule.

Because of the extra ordinary of this mask you might figure that it might be expensive but actually not! it only costs $14.50 per box and as I said earlier 1 box has 10 masks! how awesome could that be!

Available  only at Watsons :) For more information, promos , discounts and contests like My Scheming Facial Mask Facebook Page






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