Wearing His Polo Shirt

Hey Yo! It’s my favorite past time to dress up weird and something different on my daily simple look. On this post I did wear my boyfriend’s favorite Topshop polo shirt that was bought last December.

As you notice the polo shirt is quite fit which explains that my boyfriend is so skinny, in fact  his pants can’t fit on me! It’s really an  indication that I should start my diet, maybe later or tomorrow? :D

Part of that look I also wore my sister’s blue Cotton On mini shorts and my 1 year old black New Look shoes.

topshop shirt for men

I look so freaking stupid on this post but anyway I already uploaded it or should I say I just wanted to show off my makeup here lalalalala….

topshop shirt for men

Anyway, it really took me an hour to filter my shots on this self-shoot why? Cos most of my angle display how hideous and huge my thighs are! Lesson? will not wear that mini so fit shorts again.

topshop shirt for men

What’s with that shocking stare? lol I thought it might be artistic to open up my closets but fail, I such a sucker!

As this post end, If you love your boyfriend so much you should wear his clothes hahahaha I know I’m not making any sense but I love it! TEEHEE

Thanks for reading my no-sense fashion post see you on my next post :)




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