Sexy Look Whitening Black Cotton Mask

I will introduce to you the newest and the most innovative mask ever!

Recommended by Beauty Guru Janet Lee!

It’s the Sexy Look Whitening Black Cotton Mask

In a black himeko (princess in japanese)  style pack!

Sexy Look Whitening Black Cotton Mask claims to clogged pores with the use activated carbon infused cotton mask with far-infrared releasing effect with that  the essences are absorbed three times better.

The essence contains Black Bee Honey brightens your skin while Black Pearl moisturizes and given an anti-effect.

Now let’s open it!

Woaw! This is really unique 1st time ever  – it’s black not the usual white! specifically the mask is made up of carbon infused cotton  which helps detox and clarify skin.

Like I said before on my last mask review – I really prefer mask who is soaked with essence than those common masks that is soaked in an estimated 50% essence and 50% water, so you better careful with that!

Morever, what is more I really love is that the black cotton mask absorbes all the essence so that means when we put on our face it will last long and won’t dry easily. the longer it will be on our face the higher is the effectiveness.

it’s really cotton which all the essence not put on waster it’s all on this mask!

and I place it on my face and left it overnight :)

some of the essences are still there after 30 minutes! Since our skin is like sponge, all the essences will be absorbed and your $3 will be truly worth it!


As I woke up in the morning, the mask sheet got dry  like a dry black thin cotton in a form of a face mask. Then I noticed that my face was so soft , really it’s actually softer in 1 try. Aside from that,  I feel my face became radiant and farer smooth skin!

Blemishes also slightly disappearing it is because it helps removes skin toxins  and tones the skin.

I really can see the effect! This is the maximum whitening  effect on a single mask.

I highly recommend you to try this one!

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