Summer’s Eve Blogger’s Event

Last May 19, 2012 I was invited by SGFreebee to Beat the heat with Summer’s Eve
Blogger’s Event held at LifeSparks Gym (100A Eu Tong Sen Street Pearls Centre Office Podium  #04-13  Singapore 059813 ).

Summer’s Eve partnered Sogurt’s Yoghurt and LifeSparks Gym. This event was organized by SGFreeBee to make this event fun and successful! and indeed it was! Thank you so much!

Complete Set of Summer’s Eve From America’s #1 Brand Feminine Care.

The event starts around 2pm Feminine Hygiene Talk by Mazia Madon(Nurse Educator).

I learned a lot from her, specially taking good care of our V-zone.  We started on the reproductive organ which I have no idea of it anymore since I took up IT in College and I forgot entirely about our body except the general knowledge of it.

One of the topic is why we have Feminine Odor? Feminine Odor is caused by bacteria  that comes from moist environments created by menstruation, vaginal discharge, perspiration or urinary leakage.

One of the topic is the pH Value. For our Internal V-zone we only need pH3.3 – 4(Acidic) only while for our External V-zone we need neutral between pH 4 – 6. And Ordinary soap like Body Soaps has phH9-11, which creates more bubbles. More than pH 11 is already considered harsh to our skin. So it means the lower the pH the mild it is.

The bottom line of the talk is we must know how to take good care using the right product, the process on how to use it  and how to avoid those reproductive diseases.


The next session was the introduction to Summer’s Eve’s Products.

We are ask if we already familiar with Summer’s Eve Product? Of course all of us knew! I think most of the beauty bloggers visits Watsons, Guardian and other Beauty Stores every week and noticed Summer’s Eve since there are only 3-4 feminine wash displayed.

First, we need to maintain a good feminine hygiene by using Summer’s Eve Feminine Wash. Like I stated above, feminine wash must be neutral and this Summer’s Eve Feminine Wash is gentle, allergy-tested formula that cleanse away odor-causing bacteria.

The Summer’s Eve Feminine Wash Normal Skin (Delicate Blossom) one of the product they gave us. The scent was great! I felt clean, fresh and confident to be with my friends closely without any worries!

Second, Summer’s Eve Feminine Deodorant Spray that contains skin-soothing Vitamin E and eliminates bad odor. How to use? Spray  Summer’s Eve Feminine Deodorant Spray on your panties, panty liner or all over your body to neutralize odor and keep cool and dry throughout the day.

Third, Summer’s Eve Feminine Cleansing Wipes. Specifically to wipe your external V-zone between  sanitary pad or panty liner changes that removed odor for all day freshness. This one is wrapped in very thick sachet that is safe from contaminating dirt unlike the other Cleansing Wipes in a box  that contains 20 or more wipes which can contact bacteria after pulling 1 wipes and so on. Also, you can bring it anywhere where it can discreetly fit into your bad or pocket. Apart from that this acohol-free wipes are flushable and contain Aloe and Vit E to sooth your skin.

Fourth, Summer’s Eve Feminine Cleansing Mist. I like this one, it’s really a cheaper alternative of using Feminine Wipes (see desc on the picture above). This cleansing Mist will freshen you up  during your toilet breaks. You can also use it by spraying your external V-zone area and wipe it with dry tissue.

Fifth, Summer’s Eve Feminine Powder - if you are experiencing discharge or perspiring a lot, sprinkle Summer’s Eve Feminine Powder on your panties/liners  or over your body to keep cool and dry and neutralize bad odor. The powder is made of cornstarch-based formula that absorbs moisture 25 times effectively than talc based products.

Others and I trying out Summer’s Eve Feminine Powder. Smells so good and very smooth to our skin.

The speaker mentioned that some of the guys or men are using it.

Third session, Sogurt Presentation presented by the Sogurt owner Lee Li Ping.

Did you know that Frozen Yogurt is a Healthy Dessert Substitute! Why?

– It is High in Calcium and Vitamin D

– Reduce Risk of High Blood Pressure

– Probiotics Beneficial for the Gut

– Discourage Yeast Infection

– Help overcome lactose intolerance.

What’s unique on Soyogurt is a self service. In going to Soyogurt outlet what you will do is to: take a cap, dispense the yogurt, add your toppings (you can be creative on this), weigh your cup, pay by weight and enjoy!

After the presentation, it’s time to taste icy mouth watering Soyogurt!

Soyogurt toppings

Sogurt’s yoghurt machine

My Soyogurt Frozen Yogurt

With the girls – Larissa and Lulu

Then at last, Zumba Intro Workout with our fitness instructor Charlotte Mizuki – the owner of LifeSparks gym.

Dancing Kpop Dance Track

It was fun and we forgot that we already doing some workout. It’s fun + workout!

If you are interested to enroll for a zumba dance class please visit LifeSparks Gym Facebook Page.

Then after that,an event would not be complete without light refreshments!

Then Group Shots with the bloggers, Summer’s Eve staff, LifeSparks Gym staff and Soyogurt staff.

Thank you so much SGFreeBee, Summer’s Eve, Soyogurt and LifeSparks Gym for this wonderful and fun event!

Summer’s Eve Goodies

Retailing at $11.30 (8oz) and $12.30 (8oz) for Summer’s Eve Feminine Wash (normal and sensitive skin range) and $7.90 (16’s) for Summer’s Eve FeminineCleansing Wipes (normal skin).

Good News to those interested on trying Summer’s Eve Feminine Wash if you want to get your free sample. Simply scan this Summer’s Eve QR Code for more details:

or you can redeem your free Summer’s Eve Feminine Wash at Simply enter “iovesummer” coupon code after they check out the items. This coupon code only valid till 25 June 2012. (While stock last) Only open for the first 50 who signed up only! So check it out now!

Summer’s Eve is available at Watson, Guardian, other leading pharmacies, clinics, cosmetic houses and department stores.


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