LEADERS InSolution Pore Clinic Care 2Step Kit

Remeber Leaders Insolution Mask I reviewed before? Now, I will review the LEADERS InSolution Pore Clinic Care 2Step Kit.

*The first Hypo-allergenic nose pack with Blackheads removal, Sebum control and Pore Contraction effects!

*Clinical care to clearly remove blackhead and excessive sebum without stripping off skin!*Contain Morocco lava clay which has 4 times stronger waste adherence than charcoal!

*Paraben (preservative) Free, Artificial Fragrance Free and Pigment Free.

– http://www.cossy.com.sg/details.php?id=85

There are 10 packs and 1 serum inside it and what’s more It has only 2 steps to follow!

So Let’s start the step 1.

– Before applying it, make sure you already done cleansing your face and then wet your nose.

– Then apply the plaster to your nose area, see the picture of the correct position.

– You can gently press it to maximize the contact with your skin

It is made of Morocco lava clay cleans pores with 4 times stronger waste adherence than charcoal & remove dead skin.

Upon using it, I really can feel something that the clay absorbs on my pores

Just stay it there and wait for 15 minutes before you remove it.

After 15 minutes, remove it slowly from the edge. As you can see in the after photo there is 2 big blackheads (ew). If you can notice, the plaster is still die and it’s still can be use, so wet your nose again and apply it again :)

Then Step 2:Apply Tightening Serum.

I advise to use lots of serum, since the pores is now opened, this serum helps the pores tighten  and that protects the nose from dirt coming in.

It’s also advisable to do this during bedtime  that avoids expose by various of dirt outside and less chance of multiple blackheads!

 Review: Hmm If you have really lots  of blackheads like mine , it still best to do facial monthly ,  if you really  wanted to get of rid all of it but for maintenance its best  to use this LEADERS InSolution Pore Clinic Care 2Step Kit. And if you have less blackheads (call yourself lucky) you can use this.

It’s an effective product as you can see on the photo above, I don’t feel any pain or redness upon using it.

Rate: 6.50/10


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