Enavose FloraComfort Cleansing Water

Guess what’s inside my bag?

It’s from Enavose! Have you heard of Enavose brand before? Yes it is a premium beauty brand with a commitment to being a brand with integrity. That’s right! they are not JUST beauty brand that  goes with the flow they are Unique, Swiss Made, with Integrity, No Parabens, NO SLES, No Mineral Oils, No Animal Testing and above all No Allergic Fragrances.

The package was like a birthday present <3 <3 <3


Love it and it smells so so so good :)

I was really amaze how they made the packaging consistent and it really reflects the brand. The moment I saw this, it made me say that “I bet this is a good product that I will love” and yes it’s true!

Introducing the FloraComfort Micellar Cleansing Water or Enavose FloraComfort Cleansing Water .


  • 1 minute express cleansing that removes make-up, dirt and impurities in one east swipe
  • No-rinsing required (scary isn’t it? But I’ll prove this later!)
  • Gentle, quick and effective cleansing action with Micellar Technology (I am now a big fan on this  Micellar Technology).
  • Use on face, eyes and lips
  • It is a Encapsulated Swiss Glacial Water that nourishes our skin with purity and hydration.

 So In other words

– It is perfect for on-the-go cleansing, like when your are out of town travelling , after sports, or even if you are lazy enough to go to the sink and wash (guilty much) and if you are so very tired from work, or party, you can grab this beside on your bed, when your done you can go sleep directly.

– It  is also a makeup remover, why settle for a oil based makeup remover where there is a water based that won’t clogged your pores :)

Enavose Cotton Pads, it reminds me of my favorite The Body Shop Cotton Pads. It’s so the same, I think this one is more smoother.

Why is it good for your skin?

  • It is gentle, non abrasive method.  This is what Japanese girls love! gentle cleansing No need for facial scrub, its like rubbing your face with pebbles. lol
  • It has High tolerance formula that is suitable for sensitive skin
  • Oil Free
  • Hydrates and moisture
  • High antioxidant  levels to fight ageing

So now, How to do the 1 minute Express Cleanse:

Step 1 – AM. Lightly  sweep a soaked cotton pad over face, eyes and lips without rubbing. Repeat until pad appears clean. Dan to dry. Rinsing is not necessary

Step 2- Repeat Step 1 for PM

Skin’s new bestfriend – the miracle water :)

The cotton pads after doing the 1 minute Express Cleanse *shy max*

I followed the5-Days No Rinse Challenge and documented it Here are the photos after using it

After Used:


My Say

Aside from the fact that it makes our girls life easier it is also an effective cleanser if you have  blemishes on your face. Yes! I can assure you that, from 5 days of using it I experienced acne’s popping and blood coming out. That is why there are red on the used cotton pads.

After using it, I felt refresh oil-free and clean. at first I am not sure if my face was clean but there’s no harm in trying so I didn’t clean my face with water facial cleanser and toner so purely Enavose FloraComfort Cleansing Water only. Then, after 2 days I noticed that is this cleansing method is more better than my usual cleansing habit using facial cleanser and toner. I think there’s no difference since both using water and cleansing elements but based on my experience, using Enavose FloraComfort Cleansing Water can cleanse well my skin, it is because of the Micellar Technology just make sure that you soaked the cotton with the Enavose cleansing water and don’t stop until the dirt and impurities are fully removed and with that I can guarantee for more cleaner, fresh and oil-free skin.

And Congratulations! Because you read this blog post, you now Know that Enavose has a

PROMOTIONAL PRICE of $29!!!!! Normal price is $45 Available for limited time only. Grab it now!!!!

And what’s amazing to be my reader is that you will join My FloraComfort Cleansing Buddy Facebook Contest!

The Mechanics:

1. Share to Enavose on Facebook when you would most love to use this versatile cleanser.

2. The three entries with the most number of likes wins!

3. Winners get an Enavose hamper worth $145 consisting Glo Enzyme Powder Wash, Alpine Edelweiss Dew and Nutritive Hydrator.  They are really an eco-friendly brand ayt?


You can buy your Enavose at Retail Points:

Concept Store – Suntech City Mall, Tower 3, #02-079/081

Beauty Counter – Tangs, VivoCity Beauty Hall

Are you lazy to go there? (big smile over there huh?) You can buy it online! Available 24/7 with FREE SHIPPING ISLANDWIDE Log in to www.enavose.com and if you love Facebook so much and want to experience shopping in facebook, you can buy the product via Facebook Store, just click this link – https://www.facebook.com/Enavose?sk=app_135607783795

and feeling lucky? Join Enavose Facebook Contest, visit their Facebook Contest Page here – https://www.facebook.com/Enavose?sk=app_135607783795 for more information

To know about their product visit Enavose website: www.enavose.com

Rating: 8/10

Recommendation: Best for Lazy people, party goers, travellers who wanted to maintain their skin and it is also suitable as a cleanser if you wanted to vanish your blemishes just what I have experience (the used cotton pads can proove it lol)


Thanks for reading :)


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