Kotex Fresh Plus Ultra V-care Liners

DSC 0746 Kotex Fresh Plus Ultra V care Liners

I am a loyal Kotex user ever since I won the Say Wow Kotex Lux Design and I’m quite satisfied on their products. It’s the only product that I felt young in-spite of how busy my life is right now.

And now I would like to introduce you what’s inside my yellow green bag.

DSC 0752 Kotex Fresh Plus Ultra V care Liners

It’s the new Kotex Fresh Plus Liners! Set to revolutionize the way women care for their V-Zones as it effectively redefines the possibilities of feminine care and protection.

DSC 0874 Kotex Fresh Plus Ultra V care LinersKotex Fresh Plus Liners is a panty liner series with many first ever’s, such as –

1. Being clinically proven to help inhibit growth of yeast and some bad bacteria.

2. Being dermatologically tested to prevent allergies and irritation.

3. Featuring colorful albeit natural designs with mild and natural scent that soothes senses.

There are three kinds of Kotex Fresh Plus Liners:

DSC 0882 Kotex Fresh Plus Ultra V care LinersKotex® Fresh Plus Ultra V-Care – 1st Ever Bacteria Control

  • First liner that is tested to successfully inhibit the growth of yeast and bad bacteria,providing protection during use*.

Review: This is new, this is more comfortable than the regular one. I felt so fresh and clean whole day. And the liners stays on position even though I moved a lot while sitting in my desk.

DSC 0884 Kotex Fresh Plus Ultra V care LinersKotex® Fresh Plus Gentle Care – 1st Ever Gentle Care

  • Dermatologically tested with pH Balance to match body’s natural pH level, and against allergies and irritation.

Review: Although I don’t have any allergies on using liners, it is still important to use the best one. For us girls, we  must take good care of our V-zone, use the right feminine wash, liners and wipes, our V-zone is one of the most sensitive parts of our body so we should take veeeeerryyyy good care of it.

DSC 0886 Kotex Fresh Plus Ultra V care LinersKotex® Fresh Plus Designs – 1st Ever Designs on Liners

  • Draws inspiration from nature for its attractive colourful designs.
  • Contains mild and natural scent to help soothe your senses.

Review: My Favorite! colorful artistic designs couldn’t fail to be liked, while wearing this you could feel that you’re not wearing a liners at all! it’s like wearing artistic undies that feel so different- so young, so fashionable, so you.
DSC 0754 Kotex Fresh Plus Ultra V care LinersHighly recommended! Go for something new ! Go for a product which is dermatologically tested with Ph Balance  to match body’s natural PH level. 
DSC 0749 Kotex Fresh Plus Ultra V care Liners

Must bring liners everyday.

Revolutionize your lifestyle and body care  with Kotex Fresh Plus Liners =)

Kotex® Fresh Plus Liners can be purchased at $3.95 per pack, available at all leading supermarkets and pharmacies.


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