The Body Shop Cosmetics

Hi, I will be reviewing one of my favorite cosmetic brand, The Body Shop.

Lipsitck, Eye concealer and eye colour

First and foremost, why I love The Body Shop Cosmetic brand? because they are better for the skin, they stay on much longer, you don’t need to use as much to get good coverage and the colours are much stronger and true to colour. Since I have a sensitive skin that easily get pimples when I forget to fash my face at night and even some makeup  that I can get pimples after applying ONCE, so irritating right? and I always scolded by a beauty consultant on how disgusting my face are, maybe they want me to sign up their package? or it’s PURELY REAL! Anyway, its true though  that’s why I used many beauty skin care products that I have reviewed on my previous posts and because of this hardships I should be really picky when it comes to cosmetics and one of them is the The Body Shop Cosmetics.

1. Eye Colour – Sea Green

It contains Vitamin E and Community Trade marula oil. It’s long lasting I think I wore it from 8am to 7pm and still the color was still there.  Good Factors on how I love it so much is that, it can stand alone because the color shade is already pretty, it also has it’s  amazing  intense color coverage, vibrant and have good pigmentation.  you can apply this makeup using your pinky and your done!

Here is the look I did using the eye color

So simple right but looks elegant.It doesn’t have a powdery texture but it’s goes on smoothly.and what’s the most thing I like about it is it has a moisturizing formula and so good for me because I have a dry eyelids.

2. The Body Shop Under Eye Concealer

The most important concealer if  you  are a person who always deal with computer everyday or has this stress face. We all know that women struggle with under-eye problems, such as dark circles and red spots.

Now this is the answer!

As far as I know those people who always work in front of the computer has bigger chances on having huge eye bugs, and to combat these stress accessory we must need an undereye concealer. Factors that I like about The Body Shop under eye concealer is that you can chose shades that can blend to your skin and luckily I have found one and it really blended smoothly  on my skin, no more stress face and tired looking eyes.

So here is what I look like after applying the The Body Shop under eye concealer

See how rested I look? Plus it lasted the whole day!

3. Colourglide Lip Color

I was eyeing this color since forever and now I finally decided to buy it and thank God I like it!  I never failed to chose the best lipstick, it’s simply the best and what I am looking for! You can see that I am choosing the nude pink color lipstick , since light pink or other light color shades is the new Red, Red lipstick is so 90s and in fact this shades  is so fabulous for younger looking lips. I am really happy with the moisturizing part since I have this awful condition of my lips.

It glides smoothly on my lips and it really really smells good!

and here is how the color looks, forgive me with my ugly shaped lips just mind the color okay? :D

I think it blends on my skin tone perfectly!

Don’t you think I’m already a The Body Shop addict? Well, I settle for safe and has good quality. You should try The Body Shop cosmetics too?

I <3 The Body Shop


Thanks for reading! =)


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