Olivella Hand Cream

I won an Olivella Hand Cream product from Olivella facebook new launch promo last May 2011 and here is my review about the product.

Brief Description about the Olivella Hand Cream

Intense Moisture Treatment made with 100% Virgin Olive Oil

They say hands can give away a woman’s age; prevent this by using Olivella’s most advanced nutritional treatment for aging or abused hands. The protective barrier will noticeably improve the condition of hands exposed to cold weather, job-related or household abuse, as well as to harsh chemicals, and damaging free radicals. Olivella hand cream is made from 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  – http://www.oliveshop.com.sg

So here is my review:

First of all it is made in Italy and I think most of the skin care products that made in Italy is effective and good. And I also  heard that the Virgin Olive Oil  is an ancient oil skin care, Cleopatra might using this huh? coz she has a very beautiful skin  as wrote on history books.lol


It really soften and smooth my hand especially after taking a bath which  my hands get dry (I think it’s from the water). Apart from that it is not also greasy eventhough it is a cream. My hands were also a little bit dry and chapped  so I used it everyday 2 times a week and after 2 weeks it’s getting smoother and softer, and wanting to achieve the hands of a rich women that whenever you hand shake them, you feel ashamed on how rough of your hands were! You can’t blame them they didn’t do dishes or laundry at home.


I don’t like the smell but I think that’s not essential as long  as the smell not that foul.

UPDATE: Probably they didn’t add add a lot of chemical fragrances to be more natural which in this case I prefer than more chemicals adding  to it.


Comparing it to my recent The Body Shop White Musk Moisturising Hand and Nail Cream

When talking about smoothness and elasticity of the skin, I prefer Olivella Hand Cream it  last much longer than bodyshop.  Both heals dry , brittle nails and soften cuticles (I barely need it since I am lazy cleaning my nails). The Body Shop smells more good than Olivella, and only tiny bit amount of The Bodyshop hand cream it easily softens your skin while in Olivella I need to apply more. And when talking about the cost, Olivella Hand Cream much cheaper than The Body Shop White Musk Moisturizing Hand and Nail Cream. so which you prefer most?

Also, Olivella was so generous they also gave me 2 travel pack of Olivella Body Lotion, and It really helps  hydrating my skin and I feel comfortable while my skins so smooth and soft whole day. I am thinking of changing my lotion brand to this. hmmmm…

Thank you for reading have a nice day! =)



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