Shopping Haul April 2011

MOSTLY SPONSORED BY MY BOYFRIEND coz he got big bonus and his blessing was also poured upon me! THANK YOU LORD FOR GIVING ME A KIND BOYFRIEND icon smile Shopping Haul April 2011

To start with, before I forget to tell you guys April is my birthday month so expect more awesome things I had! So theses some of the things I bought that I  captured while some were not due to excitement, so here are my precious babies:

First and formost before I buy anything else I should buy BODYSHOP, I am a fan and a am a member =) and since I am a member I had a birthday month discount, HOORAY! so these were the products that I bought:

1 Shopping Haul April 2011

1. Body Shop Shower Gels – last month The Body Shop has Buy 2 take 1 promo so my boyfriend and I decided decided to grab this promotion and we we pay it 50/50 but I’ll take the 2 hahahaha… Love the Shea cream but the scent won’t last long I prefer satsuma shower gel coz it’s has this yummy smell and both are good to the skin makes your skin smoother without applying lotion. That’s why I have still using it  up to now since forever!

2 Shopping Haul April 2011

2. The Body Shop Love and Etc Solid Perfume – This is not for me, its for my very close friend in the Philippines, I gave it to her last month when we went to Philippines =)

3 Shopping Haul April 2011

3. The BodyShop ceramic comb – I lost my comb and I think this would be a good substitute but hey! it’s aesome regarding that it looks like a still brush but so safe, not irritating and it’s ceramic! love it!

4 Shopping Haul April 2011

4. The BodyShop pink Deodry – I left my deodorant in the Philippines and it’s so icky not applying deo daily, so I bought one since I have a promotion privileged.

51 Shopping Haul April 2011

5. The BodyShop Conditioner – I already posted my review here, I currently not using the The BodyShop Shampoo anymore cause I used Pytho due to a very serious hair scalp problem I experiencing right now :((.

6 Shopping Haul April 2011

6. Forever 21 Wedge – BOYRFRIEND’s birthday present to me , love it cause it’s my firsy F21 foot wear and F21 is my favorite brand of all!!! It’s like paradise when you get to F21 store at Vivo.

12 Shopping Haul April 2011

7. Zinc Black handbag – 2ng birthday present to me from boyfriend, whose lucky now? lol


In additional, me and boyfriend were bored Yesterday May 1, 2011 which is Labored Day but the nation will official celebrate it Today Monday May 2, 2011 (YEY!) So here are kawaii things we bought, I exchange my Vivi magazine to a 3 assorted nail polish from Korea cause it’s pretty pretty awesome!

7 Shopping Haul April 2011

the two cute baby bears was a gift from my sister.

1.Veet Hair Wax – After I had my hair wax last month, so I expect hairs this month so I am ready! NO MORE SHAVING , I had enough of it because I got this skin disease and it leaves a scar that would require big amount of $$$$ to remove it

2. Skin Lite nail polish remover – the good thing about this is that you don’t have to put effort in putting it on the cotton, so easy plus its non-acetone which is a good chemical that would not dry your skin nevertheless its clean your nails! awesome!

3. Mirror – No mirror at home icon sad Shopping Haul April 2011

8 Shopping Haul April 2011

4. Silky Girl Lipstick – Silky Girl is cheaper and it’s adorable too! it’s not low quality I guess it’s reasonable icon wink Shopping Haul April 2011

9 Shopping Haul April 2011

5. Maybelline Liquid Eyeliner- My brown Lioele brown eyeliner sucks big time so it’s time for a new eyeliner – SPONSORED BY MY BF!!! cool bf huh?

10 Shopping Haul April 2011

6.Suki Nail Polish (assorted Colors) – the exciting part of this is that it is made in Korea!!! I super duper love the color, feels like I’m one of those Girl’s Generation gals hahaha (as if!) it’s a Buy 2 take 1 promotion for $4 each and Boyfriend bought it for me icon smile Shopping Haul April 2011

11 Shopping Haul April 2011

So that’s it I hope you like my boasting post for the day! =) Have a pleasant day everyone!



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