All Good Things movie

Yesterday, December 29,2010 my boyfriend won a pair of free ticket from Mr. Popcorn contest at Golden Village Plaza singapura to a movie premiere of “All good things” staring Ryan Gosling and one of the best drama actress of our generation Kirsten Dunst.

This is one of the most remarkable movie of this year! The story is unique, it’s a movie that shows past , not so long ago and the present.this movie is not so drama but you can see a perfect couple and as days passed it became the perfect crime and that’s the mystery and thriller starts!

The gosling and Dunst team up is a good chemistry, I love the part where they are so sweet and you can feel the love they showed to the viewers.

This movie also has a few props or we may say a low budget film but almost all the casts nailed their characters. the movie is also a good portray of a true to life story of a two people that has the most perfect life but ended in a perfect worst. This movie will really blow your mind!

Our free ticket! =)

As for the ending my guess is “she was not dead” :).

If you love mystery, you better watch this movie!


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