Jasmine Water Bb Cream Spf

I bought a Brtc Jasmine Water Bb Cream Spf 30 Pa++ (40ml) online at thesamplestore.sg for $19.90 SGD from a Usual price of $49 SGD that saves me $29.10 SGD. Anyway, I started to like the product since I redeem my points on that online store for a sample together with the last package I got. I really love it! It really whitens my skin, protect my skin from the sun and get rid of blackheads and whiteheads on my face and controls oil on my face.

This is me applying the cream:

and this is how I apply it. The texture is so smooth and easy to apply and blend to my skin color.

And done =)

So what are you waiting try it now at thesamplestore.sg

Click to redeem your sample.


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