Seagull Mountain Resort at Buda (Davao-Bukidnon)

The Callbox Software Development Team (Iloilo and Davao) had their Team Building with the Davao IT Tech Support Team at Seagull Mountain Resort  located at Buda (Davao-Bukidnon Road). It is a 1 and ½ day fun exploring the resort to foster to foster awareness of the team spirit and to reinforce commitment to the team’s shared goals and objectives. We rented 1 small campsite (750) for two girls and 1 big campsite (1,200) for 5 boys.

Last April 10, 2010 the team, at 6 am after shift we had our breakfast at McDonalds then back to office to get our monthly incentive. Then we rode on Joe’s car headed to Budda, it is a 1 ½ hour trip and you can experience the very cold temperature of the place. At the campsite, we ate our breakfast, and then we rode on a tour car heading down to the Seagull Falls. We then jumped to the pool to get ourselves wet because we were all did not take a bath yet.  Then without changing a dried clothes, we headed to the mountain and tour around the resort, we enjoyed taking pictures and amazed on the place. We saw the big crucifixion at the end part of the place. It is the best place for solemn and retreat. Even though the temperature was so very cold, we manage to tour around the place while wet (Oh my God I still can’t imagine!)  Because we were having fun not to mention Sir Karlo was reading a Bob Ong’ book.

Then after the tour, we took our clean bath at the clean comfort room and stayed in our campsite, some of the boys were already sleeping while the others invaded our campsite and we played UNO, yet we were having fun , because it is not a mind game, it is a game  that requires presence of mind. Then, after that some prepare the Dinner and we all ate. Afterwards, we all stayed in the guys’ campsite watching “The Ninja Assasin” movie on Joe’s laptop while drinking 2 sets of Gin + Green Lime, then we all sleep out of tiresome no sleep day.

On the morning 5:00 am we can already feel the very cold temperature as if we were in the refrigerator. Then at 6:30 am we took our breakfast and bought a Native Hot Choco in the Cafeteria.  And lastly we packed our things headed to the car and leave Seagull Moutain Resort.

It was the best place for Team Building, retreat, family outing and etc.


Golf course.

very nice view

stairs down to campsite

headed down to the waterfalls


the pool at the top near the falls.

Joe, me and Beltran


hahaha.. FAIL!

the campsites

Thanks for reading!

Photo by: Regi V. Guardialao aka “Stoic”


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