I hate smart bro

You know what? I was angry every time I lost my connection in this F*cking smart bro! And here is my story I hope everyone who are planning to subscribe for a smart bro connection as his or her internet be aware of this.

Last week, I think it is Thursday or Friday. My sister, waked me up early in the morning saying that the there was no internet connection as she browsing the net, my sister already did the troubleshooting like repairing the network connection and other stuff, it still not working. And I answered her, “They might again fixing some eke k chu chu there, so do the browsing later”. Then after two hours, yeah! That is right I was still sleeping, my sister, waked me up, then telling me again, there is still no connection, and then I was bit alarming! Because of that, I still go back to sleep… heheheh… then at 11:00 am I am awake and turn on the PC, and when I log in to my YM try again message box pop up. And that means I have no connection. I do the troubleshooting that I know in the network connection, but still nothing happen! Then, the last option is to call *1888, then I pressed four then they connect me to the one of the agent to help me. I give him my reference number and others then I told him my condition. He instructed me to do the troubleshooting like typing command in CMD or command prompt like ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew and doing the plug and unplug the of the adaptor but then there is only one IP address I got. And unfortunately, I am still not connected! :(

Then after those stupid troubleshooting that it is obvious that it is not the solution, he said to me that it was my OS was in error! What! I said! Then he said I must reformat or consult to a computer technician about it! Then I said Okay, and thinking is he right? My OS? Why is that? My computer has no virus, it was purely installed by an Updated Anti-spyware, and he said that! Well, I don’t follow it, why? Because I don’t feel it was the right thing to do. I check the number of packets send and received, but then the number of packets received is still zero. And I feel hopeless; I reinstall again the LAN card driver but nothing happen!

After watching some of the movies that I downloaded which I wasn’t able to watch, my connection is still zero. I feel frustrated, I have a lot of blog post to do, and this state is a waste of time! I called to the hotline again; I restated my condition and applying again their style of trouble shooting. Stupid isn’t it? They called themselves technician concern representative and there giving me a ONE stupid idea of troubleshooting repeatedly. Then she finally said that she would contact a technician in our area to check the antenna and other stuff, and wait for maximum of 48 hours. Okay, I wait, I sacrifice for 2 days. I am only connected when it is night and early in the morning, however there were defects on that range of time, that I got disconnected and the worst part of it, when you are in the middle of posting a task in your blog and immediately “A connection Time out” would appear to your browser! It really gives me a headache especially to a person like me who has an Anemia.

Today, as the third day,48 hours is over and I still haven’t received any calls yet, I again and again called the service hotline and re-detail what happen and then telling me to wait for a couple of seconds and then telling me to wait and wait . F*CK THEM, I answered him back! “I am sorry but I have a lot of important things to do Online! And I must be connected overtime, unlimitedly! If this will not be fix! I will ask for a disconnection and transfer to another Internet service provider no matter what”. Then he answered me back (his name is McCoy) repeatedly with a sort of anger in a smooth way! Then without finishing his word, I told him, “Okay I will be expecting that, Bye” and hung up!

Imagine, I subscribe to smart bro for the case of unlimited connection, anytime and overtime and having a speed max of 512mbps but sad to say my maximum is only 260mbps, asking about my area, hey! I am in the downtown area! Moreover, it looks like SMART doesn’t mind it after all, they are only thinking of MONEY! MONEY! MONEY!

I suggest and I highly recommend for all who already subscribe to SMART BRO, please switch to another service. DSL is highly recommended. And those who want to subscribe to Smartbro please! Listen and trust me if you don’t want to have a headache!

(Got the smart broken logo at Pinoy Exchange.com)


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